Wednesday, December 14, 2011


carbuncle-saddled modern, shoehorned
somehow into futuristic solitude,
cavemen reduced to fondling grapefruit,
the grapefruit's wax atrophied from excessive teleporting,
upon disembowelment in large angry fist
produce strange corridor-length clanging,

the familiarity nevertheless of a golf cart,
ferret-embedded brutal soy
carved touchy-feely,

new-type food's mundane squirt,

royal wedding goat
clip-clops piss bearded –
segues with fauna of queen's nose hair

welcome to flat screen
organic/gel parking lot,
pleasing to the eye to displaced caveman,

trans-dimensional/gel parking lot an object of
extreme fucking beauty to
displaced caveman, hooey,

guy jogging ran over a diaper yelping
out its sponge-crotch implant, or perhaps
a rain-soaked bread loaf belching out
its fetus, surgical succor
with a finger trapped in a sandbox,

the sofa's lolling gape after sado-execution
reminiscent of home of cave brings smudge of
nostalgia to retina

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