Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Many black and white nudes
clenched boggy in solvents –
forensics oiling and polishing
more bacteria than would fit
in an Uzi's clip.

Shouldn't have lost the cheat code that allows access
to a certain level on Dungeons & Dragons
where a player can privately court
and fondle cheap household wares.

Impossible NASA Rover – could be
THREE nutsacks your locomotion dragged
bumping over moon rocks – a horn
burnt in soft-tissue which by eating
Molotov Cocktails departiculated in
leper laxatives.

Whirring can make
the inanimate sick!

It begins to form slowly in the
sky above houses, schools, offices.
Hell, even my grocer's. How I wept
when my grocer demonstrated his
new slave technology – it sickened
the little group of bystanders,

when it sweated an apple's perspective into
the most romantic Stockholm syndrome.
In the classroom's educational toy
skeleton's clavicle, an animatronic maggot
became a pale white smoothie
in its Speedo. Telekinesis at an Xmas
office party daringly juggled/interchanged
SIX brains.

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