Thursday, December 1, 2011


Cereal ran out on the rocket ship – until the astronaut realized
that cereal was all around him. The rocket ship was actually a
cereal box. If you were to reach other worlds with it,
you had to understand that folding along dotted lines, and the
subsequent confluence of meanings, is a necessary life skill.
Together, they may construct a monster. A creepy cereal box replica
of Pedobear sporting the newest range of running clothes
was constructed by a priest one morning at the breakfast table.
I.e. a monster. The world your astronaut is traveling to doesn't necessarily exist.
It may be a mere algorithmic fiction. The answer to the question
everybody asks after extensive internet research: How does Google arrive
at those representations of a lawn chair? Confluence. Dotted lines.
How else would the common backyard garden's GREEN GANGLY data
look like that? Artichokes that look as though they've arrived by Zeppelin or in
the incremental fusion of railroads. Traveling through space is less productive
within a span of segments or increments. Barbie, stinky, amateur vigilante,
spat out by the Tardis; full of ink – a fatality resulting of pan-dimensional gesticulation with a ballpoint. Either that is fatal, or is just bad for you.
The Martian's stroller with which he shuffles through our neighborhood
had been sold in alluring packaging.

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