Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I remember 1983.

It was the year the petrol telephone debuted.
At the time thought to be the most energy efficient mode of communication.

In the field of parental computing, 1983 also saw the
launch of the Tetris Hang Birth – a hideous experiment in
gappy teeth breaking into your slimy produce bag from a height –
the tension in stuck body hair moaning like whale tendrils in duvet crust.

The year-long unexplained solstice in every bowl of cereal...

Significantly, every mugshot showed its trapped occupant adept at
hangovers that made the eyes look like puffer fish.
In science, the discovery of the platonic brontosaurus hand job
mole-button meditation atom...
Insomnia too boring? Remembering that it was 1983 was
enough to induce frog-like stupor. Instead a
a whole nation sat replenished the infectious landfill that was
their country by scraping more life off its flu.

Left bionic vibrator met right bionic bean plunger – two members
of the same body! Our pet rabbit was a little too loud with
that PC fan, though.

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