Thursday, November 17, 2011


Anime family life's smell
reminds me of the forbidden
skull milk product.

Anime father shot himself,
Anime mother's motto was 'Headless in his suffering.'
'Like waterboarding a shirt.'
'The dalliance is a waste product.'
'Brimming with protozoa
is dangerous.'

A mashed kitten personifies
inertia in the music of ABBA, as it does
in the babysitter-chronic metropolis,
every surface of privacy
banged by its brain power:

That's an order, says such traffic.

The tendency of a sealed contraceptive
to pocket-morph into seminal mist. Of an old person
to try and sanctify themselves
with the dubstep. Irresistibly luscious
only in full frontal. Turned ninety degrees:

On any given night, hungry vacuums in
the babysitter's infection sip milk through
a flat mask.
Slowly withdrawing lips

from a scenery first wan, then overcrowded with
fountains of blood. 

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