Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Misunderstood the mixed beauty pageant.
The mise-en-scène's nightmare shifting.
Contenders became hauntingly brain-like.

But the creep who claimed the slingshot was his only childhood friend
also tried to patiently coax a chorus of wavy filaments out of his
dog's gonorrhea with a taser.

William Shatner at one point was just a fat kid
poised before his reflection in an otherwise harmless DVD.

Could've done at least a hundred other things while
waiting on the long goop of the holographic sanitizer,
in the drugstore where I'm always lucky enough
to find a scared little tree snake behind the Oreos -
then throttling it in appreciation of its resemblance
to real handwash lotion.

Bellybutton as etymology of cyborg scalp.
The gorilla's idea of life after death: a hose's big
poop at the one end closed off by its formidable asthma
at the other.

Don't ever cut a hula-hoop in half...

Stick a thermometer into the pus of Neptune's soil.
The recurring oven mitten – and other soothing worlds
that allow you to hold them. But on this hand
seems to be a strap-on rat.

Can't set it free. We're sorry.

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