Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Greedo hotted up
on a date fly open drunk
in a bubble bath extrapolating
this experienced based on the joys
of submerging your toe in
the noxious necrotic undead
petri dish back home
festering on the doorstep

humanoid leg humping
figure genetically spliced
with cannibal sharing
built-in oral super-glands
super-nodules built to take
real abuse from all
types of condiments

the two as one reconfiguring
their emotional connection
to gross ejected material
on chair to accommodate the CLAMP
for the CLAMP gets lonely

for it seems the stethoscope
has been hostile and mean
and now sees the shakiest tableau
only the strangest shit in the
mind of the bed-ridden facehugger
can no longer coordinate
with its limbs it is
not quite a happy stethoscope

C-3PO jerking off
with mesmerizing
speed to bright sunny
outlines of pillow
dancing salaciously on
his torso

the mindless silence
of gray metal US
military drone in Angry Birds
an entity not even part of
the same pizza topping
asteroid family but cruising
around the top half
of the screen at all times

wanting in wanting
to be accepted 

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