Monday, June 20, 2011


before David Copperfield realized that turning his apron inside-out magically precipitated anonymity, he was a mere alligator desperately in search of a fashionable, insouciant new angle for the lone feather that grew on his body

the bounty hunter that was after him liked the PowerPoint presentations that featured the optical shenanigans of Copperfield's apron and the comical desperation of his feather

sperm is the real people eater, and goes Arf! Arf! Arf! - like Hitler during a certain stage in his horrific maturation, the originator of the Wilhelm Scream after it dawned on him that he deserved to die, and that in disguising himself on a billboard as Marilyn Monroe, he needed to plaster himself affectionately in Jell-O, to stick better

the Unabomber has been having fun, for the first time in his life, with kleenex – wiping the Jell-O metastasis and pouring salad dressing on the raw, volatile substrate

when the gum next falls out of your mouth, Unabomber, you'll have a grand awakening

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