Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Because the AC is that grisly.
Who knew my chainsaw
could smell its own rubber?

I saw Halley's Comet through night vision goggles.
My jaw dropped: Or did something similarly stupid. Like parkour.

Hold the scone this way. No, not that way.
Right. In the sunlight. Yeah. Right. Now: Feel it
flood over you. Wait. Squint. Just a little more. Now:

Feel it flood over you. That's how I normally
generate suspension of disbelief
when conventional means aren't
at my disposal. 
This smile, I got through surgery. It is,
a utility for eating.
This kidney, comes from a stencil. The parameters of which are steak-like.
This rocket, stinks of [and exudes, at toilet level]
lawnmower sweat.

This gnat, date rapes with cute asthma.
This psycho, uses BBQ tongs to tease the bangs
of autumn. Now autumn's bangs look like porn's
hairy nose flanges.

And he curbs the altitude of the vegetable by deleting certain formations
in golf. Sasquatch
fixing the corrugated
tin door of
his roadshow,
the maudlinest
thing I've ever seen.
I wish every
bad experience of
the previous
inhabitants [of
my house] to
be engraved
in pulp.

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