Friday, June 17, 2011


with a skeleton of bird netting
a gelatinous kite
drooping with labor

gray area

twigs in chewing gum
some creatures puke chewing gum riddled
with twigs

twig-riddled chewing gum puke

shopping cart photons (in comics)
but in cities, the condensation that wobbles through streets
in the form of scrap metal

glittery, clinking jackpot in the enema's wake
a mean, deliberate way of making fun of assisted death
but also an unexpected breath of fresh air, promptly triggered

baroque claw in formaldehyde
its shadow puppets all illusions
formed at inappropriate moments (like the gaffes
the deaf make)

I'm not white I am
a fiberglass throwback
a scooter straddled by an immortal college student
the Warsaw vigilante
whose Japanese AK47 is a real cocktease

cufflinks lost
in a frappuccino after trying to strangle same
(cue musical plotch)

the government brainwashes by way of careful application of
gray areas, the latter generated not in superconductors
but by plowing a circus (out of distrust)

an exploding wart as the seat of power from which
hypnotic toxins scatter 

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