Wednesday, June 1, 2011


hallowed image of bodybuilder in yearbook
his irritable bowel syndrome staring back lifelessly
through-the-looking-glass raw meat
my memory of the helium schoolbus expectorating squeaky
crystals of déjà vu, fogging up the windows
the vast spectrum of our numb gums
strobe lights in a fish tank when she bit down
a religious experience's aerosol derived from hotel dishwater
from the very pit of obscurity, slave labor cooked up
an incarnation of cupcakes, hippocampal silicates
aggregating into flamboyant slice of pizza
the average growl of tires in milligrams
go! but your jealousy will make false teeth
will you walk through my scrapyard carefully minding
infestations here and there of squishy parts, welts
as edible as the square mile of sleeping sickness
locusts spread vast polymers upon enraptured wig
there is nothing appealing about DARPA
or its propensity to inflict cabbage, to cause cabbage
to mass-produce cabbage
plus your mother's subsequent transfusion into
a hilarious dance, disguising incest as a so-called
biocompatible blast in wheelbarrow, ash shape-shifting
antlers under your pillow covered in old, old blood

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