Thursday, May 26, 2011


A shrimp in early childhood.
When I learned forgiveness is an SUV.
That the necropolis can kill a man.
The mundane was my inhabitable hemorrhage.
Truffles and the insensitivity of others toward
their communication disorder –
a warning against the perils
of hobnobbing with vowels
that are perfectly spherical apart from
the marks of self abuse
that twisted them sigmoid.
Or into an obscenity. Sometimes,
when you gave them a little shake.
Plankton in its day made quite a splash.
Social tarantula: won in a raffle.
We were friends long before
the shapers of our identity
fell out of a bunch of dairy products.
Electrons as extruders of LSD to
make Rube Goldberg's yarn.
Ultimately, you'll see what you're
going to look like nowhere else
but in new physics. The
staff will all be very pleasant.

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