Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Excerpt from the forthcoming 'Dean of Daft.'

Aggressive elimination – by a naturally-occurring cosmic body – of the monstrous, multi-faceted bulk of what doesn't fall under the umbrella of 'minimalism'.
'Yeah? What then?'
'Lego porn! With all the teemers gone. The Pollocks, the Vollmanns, the Wallaces...
'So I think I'm gonna call the police. I don't care if it yells at me, I'm not gonna run errands for that … that thing out there anymore.
'One nostalgic old man – he lives down the street from me – he even devised a hologram of a grab bag teeming inside like a flagellaed pinata of insane bric-a-brac – nostalgic, sick of our world's stylized less-is-more-ness. Understandably. Couldn't get hold of good old, physical nonsense, so he went and made a garbled assortment of holographic nonsense.
'Fuck you, astral body hanging above our heads and sucking up the world's supernumeraries.
'Why don't you just swallow the whole earth, if you're so hungry for shit? What's a black hole doing out here in these parts anyway? Aren't there other, more interesting things out there in the galaxy to swallow than bulky home décor and grotesque post-modern literature?
'Hey, leave that! Give here!
'Give me back my haaaaaaaaa...!'

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