Tuesday, April 5, 2011


the lushness of the Marvel universe bubbling distinctly coppery organ music from the rubber sphincters that cover its fresh but awkwardly sprawled corpse
our credulity sitting there skeletal, judgmental
lingering allegoric underlying rusty foundation or fart pillow of Everything
try it through your bioluminescence, earthling – cunnilingus
the disturbing beauty of cow milk filling a once-gangly contraceptive
it existed when we all knew more about electrodes
buzzer malpractice - then (poof) suddenly everything went extraordinarily well
a hairdresser flailing around in a sphere of wisecracks, while
somewhere in a bottle a cork found it impossible to communicate
animals fucking talk, FYI
so do fucking plants
thanks to parietal morphing...
no affection for urban waste zooming in from everywhere attaching to the fly tape I'd wanted to keep sparkling clean, for Christ's sake
planned parenthood which pubic crabs solemnly believe ought to have no magnetic boundaries
disabilities misconstrued as Yoga
or orchestral slow-motion
to actually amount to being accursed with a huge amount of brain power
parceling out nonsense advice painfully lacking in humor
Tolkien as ubiquitous sidekick isn't so lovable, now is he?
a beautiful alternative to an animated world if only you could fix this one irritating spork
mass produce humanoid amid warp speed flesh-eating
having a lovely day

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