Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The Alpha Centauri zoo through my dart gun.
Everything I trust about the gas-rich, pale blueness
of misconception - tailored with
egg nog hydrozoa.

The last great haunting in the ox eye's interior ether
was influenced by the Higgs-boson,
itself E-Z Bake Oven-made.

Like a dying breath, nature's force rolls around in an endearing fashion.
The Guild Navigator which has since yesterday after tea been replaced
by a Hungarian make-precious kit, to make things more precious.
More particularly – to make things smash into other things, especially
in white chocolate, which has subsequently been slurped up by
tingling lips.

All the goodness of a holiday season mined and tapped from
the Necronomicon. What a paper doll uses as a protection shield -
what with the polyp session being in full swing. With experimental
methods children denuded the trees, eradicated treasure chests
containing vials of movie franchise ephemera, stripped all portraits
of portrait eye-makeup. Refined.


  1. I wish I could E-Z Bake bosons.

  2. If I had an E-Z Bake Oven, I would serve bosons for dessert at all my dinner parties.

    (wv: calksa)


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