Sunday, April 10, 2011


An ambulance with an air of leaving the TV on
In a living room of don't give me that look!

Hemorrhoidal oversleep, the new scent from grinding a burst
VHS electrothanasia ray -
kerosene expression of vignette

What could be simpler than duct-taping a cube?
A skeletal grid of buttons
like a wire-frame acorn, dead inside
predicament solved with extra layers of itself

Small window of artificial pattern, moxy of welded-together pieces
Block Buster rentals washcloth - instinctively prefers Horrifying Enough

Dead weight touchscreen, beady eyes control panel
can feel a little of voice relay bypass
Bag of chips tutorial distinct lack of riveting

Held cloud of white fluffy tube in a grip of terror
pungent depictions of spectacular leaps

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