Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Its rapid digestion of toxins
nun epiphany’s pushpin fractals and  
contiguous Rubik’s Cubes
They prove too great and consuming an influence

what brings Wii anchovies to the candid staggering splat
what brings us traumatically short on chicken

an unremarkable thing does –

An adequate substitute for solar
cryogenics – our sick town is far more important than a
lousy star, and had watchfully had first dibs   


its thousand-edged sneeze shut down
Vote for rape demo’s delayed embarrassment
since I painted its stagnation a hundred years long
and three feet wide, our smarter, future selves would know
what to do with it – But I’d
hate to have to huddle over a mere star’s disintegrating freeze

anatomical is the healthier explosion of paint and burn shapes
the ongoing cupcake

robbing our atmosphere – our talented lung lovelies

Though while piñata entrails are tied to gender,
it’s a raw deal to be sold at discount on a vending machine cleanse
New things drum constantly throughout the holy Q&A
missing the beat reduces discomfort

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