Thursday, March 17, 2011


the enamel cuticle of the famous sock puppet
the odd green glow of survival 

survival of the gesture (of the bird, etc) of the obscene horizon-scanning sun-in-eyes post-T-off golf stance 

such things last right into drug abuse and boredom -
into acquaintance with the soft depression
of Feral Miss Piggy's tasseled terminal
a not OK request of the imagination -
breeding ogles under the hedgehog visor

you'll know it when a choir of predators goes on snog gear
speak easy bullet point mastication
what shit went down last night behind the bottles
in the mirror of the bar?

listen here, wifey - wearing garters strung from the radioactive cat-gut of male fantasies is one thing - but why would you be so shameless as to claim the reality tv freak asteroid jacuzzi splotch was meant as a fucking joke?

tonight I'm begging you, oh crinkled Lottery Ticket
I don't care as rapacious meme as lucky charm aspirin
together as a fresh pair of microwavable
women's WWF

galactic M&Ms transmitters
licking the Whereto Steering Wheel

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