Thursday, March 10, 2011


in the whorl
peachy is lizard and acne is saint
but orgy gleefully,  
swamp arm-wrestle and crackle crockery 

suggested by garters,
the ladder’s flurry of ascending shaved chins

close the door on the way down, will you?
the handicapped created from scratch
apply sunscreen to violate your cement

flowering as great reminder of clockwise knowledge
surprise thwarted machine –
getting ready to hog countenance

in coffee bars, it’s considered trendy to revive the epidemic
complex shadows in the Mojave to protect you from antlers
relief just seems larger

Kim Yong IL Skywalker the Third done dressing up his troops for today
with the largest blinking of butterfly eyes
now he's off summoning his beef
from the horizon’s thinnest twig

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