Thursday, March 3, 2011


What should I ask the gentle coffee mug?
It is a vegetable not from here.

Children of the underclass hazing the robot uprising.
Gnarly immune semi-automatic eater.

Fringe-tractor beam 666 thread.
Please earmark Simone.

Bugged bugging buggering candy.
The oxymoron has friends.

I am not to blame for the duke’s flamboyant taste in women.
Inappropriate Blade Runner chic.

Hamfisted revolution.
Draws attention to its turtleneck.

Priceless effluent slated for black market.
The duchess’s absurd cellulite fills pawnbroker with joy.

Throwing your ghost.
It narrowly misses friendly stork on the roof.

The duke’s brain tumor grows.
As a mythological figure it fucking blows.

1 comment:

  1. drew some inspiration from Mad Men
    the title is also a lame spin on the original


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