Wednesday, March 30, 2011


An endoergic downward spiral, the beta machine losing its reflexes to acid.
A stem growing from this marvelous indigestion, with a small pea on top.

Need energy.

Upgrading autism with new onboard computers. The gang of hackers follow the lateral causeways of a Pac-Man haircut.

Release energy.

The taxonomy of beer - an L-shaped swirl stomached.
Happiness exoergic in magnetic compounds.

Release energy.

Sound like dye misfolding through the living system of the Telecaster ambitiously straddled by a nematode.

Need energy. 
Scare with rap names. (Release energy.)
Beer on the other hand is a VICTIM of taxonomy. (Need energy.)
The perpetual motion machine drowns Akira in disgusting bathwater.
There is, in its grin, not much room for selenium.
Overflowing the hoofprints - balsamic demi-glaze after the carnivores became impermanent.


1 comment:

  1. I love this one. Kind of a pulse beat between the need and release.


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