Saturday, January 22, 2011


pressureless head, eyes, nose, lips, ears
a pizza on the table with no opinions, with no compression to speak of
one can easily imagine it coasting safely through a roadblock
right at this moment certain vitamins are leaking lazily from the curb outside
do not think of this medical device as a tank, even though it is – think of it more as a comfortable chair, in which you can sit and lose all sense of location
o lovely bedpan – upended in symbolic protest against solipsism
have you seen me set fire to my jumper yet?
crawling out of baked skin there’s no known earthly compatible feeling
amazing blindfold passage through Arizona’s crabfoot geometry
poncho abduction: spaceman artificial fever tested on gruesome curtains of sweatshirt
in a wheelbarrow laughing clapping on my back head thrown back mouth agape slowly meeting the tiger smile – aiming secretly with clear head
in a pomegranate politely requesting a window to be opened
Velcro bodysurfing from the cabinet of curious dusty antediluvian antibiotics drained from frog warts and chicken eyes 
a youngish apocalypse still not recovering from those grisly formative years
i don’t need the bitchingest Pavlovian guitar lick to trigger interest in a pizza this mindbogglingly weightless 
the world’s digital artwork’s watermark had never tasted so good
meringue as placebo’s most important ingredient
canoe jaw as sign of intelligence – smart enough to be the brain that encrypted the ukulele
the brain dreamed up by the fireman on his lunch break

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