Monday, January 31, 2011


slayer, difficult and only mildly convincing pantomime
stand back for the pomegranate flashes:

chirr chirr 

salt’s sweat
broke the edges

of the beach’s old pawprint

a cold sweetness
with which you could grow new teeth

the ice cream truck stranded in zero time –

many many globs’
epic intake of helplessness

just so much dead man’s couch surfing
a green slick of time, curving over the edge

the bong sorcerer’s handfuls of it
devoted to movement inside the Plexiglas cell nucleus

stands on the first impression’s gear-shaped vector
(‘make a good one’)

handsome man
slaughterhouse Volkswagen

DIESEL infinity shower

she launches herself – with parts arranged
in taxonomies of nuclear physics–
in a vending machine;
submits her hot melting light bulb to rubberband symbiosis
with the moon’s speed

takes a certain delicious toll on:
Coke cans, Mars Bars, a tree toad sitting for years
in the dusty corner screaming at coins dropping
loudly from a leaf 

watch out it’s the Estonian frog stapler!
she shouts when the shadow of a hand passes over the leaf –
you don’t bind paper with it
you use the guts of green black red and yellow
innocents to run a filthy bath

‘this incinerator will totally refresh you,’ he says –
‘it models goose bumps and papaya breezes out of clay!’

she hauls out a shotgun
a hail of sharp sickly-beige suppositories 

still standing naked
the worst actor in the world looks like a
shiny polished cheese grater

the cold wet polythene shower curtain is still
the underground

only wall

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