Monday, January 17, 2011


i’d shuffled it over into new mental skin – in a time when the big bang theory encompassed the cigarette tetrahedron – those toasty late 90’s – my memory bouncing softly in a roomful of plumage – i had bare-chested touted a flamethrower under the shitty motel awning – when the fire-passion’s common sense still was – roaring drunken assault overacting – eyebrows in a love boat amateurishly singed – for i had radicalized my buckshot a hundred percent – and all that will remain in the crematorium is my coconut hair and shoulder icing – under the sea the fluffy compost of flesh already visible – the revolution’s stench hacksawed with barricade floss – they ran away quite ridiculously:

who doesn’t want to be part of a speed-walking success story?

don’t be glum about the tight waters

the flood fly’s beautiful peeping downward spiral

my culinary crimes condensed into one gaping detox rupture

oh boy you need to hear a visitor’s weight on the hummus mat

my is flight delayed between toespaces

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