Wednesday, January 26, 2011


techno trapped under the bridge
from an earlier brain scan on the guru:
this neo cortex is just a step up
from that – what makes it so magical
are its flushed cheeks, and there’s some
kind of projection mapping going on,
a carnivorous thaw of
the windshield with the projection
of each pigeon footstep,
its tread hewing tense social frost

and a whole lot of magical squares
are placed unblinking on the burner,
in a desperate bid to guarantee
the handsomeness of the
Soviet front windshield

the wave of the mindset dry cleaned,
crashing in a cornucopia of plastic
voices, souvenirs of some sort of national
apology – a Tetris landfill; vast stinking
burnt L-shaped nappies, curiosities concealed
by the Sudoku-hunter, a glow-in-the-dark
map of their locations drawn by the magic
staffs of his pupils  

there’s a measure of controversy surrounding
the fan mail received by talking groceries:
their bodyguard is a self-centered android
who claims his beard saves lives – the mail
should be addressed to him, that’s all

he’s sulky, a kind of wolf that likes
all things recreational

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