Sunday, January 16, 2011


fascinated with hunger grim
footprint departure of Batmobile
now is prescient crystal meth
hot horizon even with the sound down
funerals take out the trash
RIP make-believe
not very scary atmosphere
shoveling driveway lesser-known
fisherman oatmeal an hour airborne
as complex munchy silhouette
allowed to crave more cow noodles
roaming catnip unlocked
cool blue impressed Spock button
the sore yellow picket fence impression
less trustworthy is in my blood
complimentary linoleum foot tattoo
mallet down on sleeping peacefully
roar in overnight bag
hobo hiking supplies
or ennui pining troll
collapsed laughing so hard
dabbling in going all möbius
and there’s just no room for a pineneedle
a swagger blames Lego genitals
my high mind showers under the chandelier bong
and I don’t try taming a slab of Beatles

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