Wednesday, January 12, 2011


my perfect future, in a rubble of fortune cookies
warning signs not seen by the high-flying
who wants his or her cocoon reattached?
so receptive to every action and particle, swishing sensory deluge
engulfed at every car wash in vulva
hassles will control your mind
expertly weaving possession 
a bad track record as mere platonic entities
this is a defining moment for public masturbation
being with you as a rule attended by fire alarm in sign language
detailed image of fine suspicious stirring of dandruff on power steering – usable clues about magnetic romance navigation
bill making it legal to keep a smoking gun in a shoebox glovebox GPS snuffbox
en route at every stop clear indications of Government restrictions on growth of fluff on ATMs
practice a chopsticks kind of witchcraft, baby
kinks are common in paper towels
fluffy ATMs are inhuman, after all
a bear is tearing me apart sweetly 
what with death’s irrational connection to Zoo confectionary
So, the evolution of lettuce in saunas...
still hungover: Please buy me this fancy kit with stone tools and guidebook on how to shorten my life
a wearable canoe cannot possibly make you drought-tolerant
do not suggest to anyone to foster dreams pervaded by the lights and blips and chimes of katexic game shows
in a sore throat swimsuit
shirttail in trouble
your brain after running down a long dark alley infested with feline rapists   
starting to see the world in higher resolution:
a pony with a bowl haircut:
rapist turned rapper
train your sink to swallow necklaces, to become the face-shaped bath at the end of a scream’s travel path
what does childhood joy amidst domestic violence mean?
pokemon propellant
the lost obscure lithograph that contained some rare Tintin boobage
necklace travel path
voodoo lens flare in baking soda

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