Monday, January 10, 2011


the tiny inhabitants of time, of the spaces in clothes and between skin cells, said in their ancient bacterial dialect: ‘control your silicon’
a sense of movement is obtained in the apartment through Tetris wall fixtures
jubilation is the only emotion that can’t be measured with special accelerometers – because it is not a human emotion
‘Forbidden Planet’ is explained with a laser pointer
a jarring young intern is always at one’s side
there are beautiful formations of brain drainage you can only simulate with old-fashioned experiments, or else with the loosening of a belt
in some photos one can clearly see Sasquatch kicking crap
we do similar things when not thought to be observed 
in the store today I saw the new model grandparent ankle monitor
the sight of security cameras intoxicates me
I like it when animals attempt to flee farms
I like the low frequency of panic attacks in pornography
I will turn my back on a caged lion as a dare
growing up is a severe challenge: don’t try it at home
in moments of extreme boredom, I try to manipulate the shapes of my intestines with my mind
inadvertently I developed the metabolism of a croissant – but that was from visiting the same cafeteria on an overly excessive basis
the twisted, tapering shape of vaguely glutinous gas forming from sitting on the same chair in the same corner by the window on an unhealthily regular basis
the warm reception I’ll receive when reaching old age will be finely and densely annotated
my eyes won’t be good enough to read the horde of footnotes and headers
the warm reception I’ll receive after landing with a parachute in the middle of a football field will confuse/terrify me
the eroding ceasefire of reality
what would it take my hamster to stick to a strict exercise regimen?
my penis when erect is frigid
deriving unplanned inspiration to do great things and become a person of high standing from the oblivious activities of monochrome figures on security monitors showing the lobby of the hotel
flexibility attained only via extremely erratic behavior
the great Charlie Chaplin had wanted his birth in stop-motion origami


  1. oups this ha-ha! laugh is supposed to be for Chat Roulette


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