Friday, January 21, 2011


this is a fun guide to finding the neon hair tips
a documentary about the tropical floorboard shuffle of every parkour eunuch
time spent in the wonder nap – that cross between a wonderful nap and a Bar-One powernap – in which a procrastinator may breathlessly catch up with extinction
this is a diagram illustrating how every yoga neophyte flows through the danger zone like a piece of stuffing

I’d recommend considering ourselves on a kind of journalistic picnic on the pubic plateau, one with all the atmosphere of R.E.M. couch smell

here are some disturbing pictures of a bedbug foaming at the mouth; later we can study some rape scenarios and a few before/after shots of the healing in progress under the grocery aisle’s sunken Band Aid
but let’s laugh for a while at the fate of some deleted douchebag troops;
in fact I’d like to digress a bit to contemplate the World War II chin that gets mad at me

this is just a minor setback, folks
the pole dancer’s silk glands have their personal reasons for spinning an opaque web in front of our cameras
drivers take note: sexy improv stops being funny with the wrong twist of a steering wheel

if you haven’t guessed by now, I specialize in the form of self-promotion you can only pull off via the medium of the spraypaint memoir, merchant of genetic clues to the vestigial eyelid
I am the Self getting from point A to point B in the slowly migrating whiplash

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