Monday, January 3, 2011


seen in stages of intensity through a wind-up monocle 
the most tasteful bacterial infection

roaming Zeitgeist action figures
cocktail party killer on the prowl
a clue: lost treadmill headphones in mohair rug
his self-indulgent gurgling
the least likely kickstarter of world peace

natural haircolor landfill
to which the cliff diving bumblebee
adds with a splash

trouble-free floating and the wearing
of thick prescription glasses join forces at last
veneration of mediocrity: secret to success
dies with squished bug in big book

spanish fly nuclear sites visited
at precisely calculated intervals
by foppish curators and collectors

can’t get far in this dog-bite hyundai
the cube-dicked casualty of a toaster
ravioli carrycase greater than salesman’s composite parts
ineffectual applier/remover of 69er grime

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