Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Man’s creation enjoyed the rib of augmented reality
when all sea-dwelling creatures sported a tuna haircut
when fish tank borders were cozily oppressive
with irrepressible neck ties deer made terrific sounds
Man wandered into a coconut settlement, armed with pencil nunchucks and pants-dropping calculators
he almost died of swearing too much
the emoticons on the calculator were very primitive
Eve’s abortion paraphernalia in a leather pouch was very flashy
the amphibious blow torch swims to offspring’s demise
Satan was still a young cad and up-and-coming inventor of billboards
bus station fur coat, itinerant ferret that needed its teeth cleaned
gorilla cocaine like urn splatter
he could handpick his own snafus
a miraculous pistachio appeared at the settlement of yellow hairy noggins in which mathematics and Wagner argued over how it was possible to be pummeled by a taint
it didn’t have much to say
‘fat heads. fatty heads. fat heads. fatty heads.’ that was all

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