Monday, January 24, 2011


(stale old crispy dead used-up anti-depressant effervescence on cold steel mirror-like synapse) (low-profile tire explosion’s soda symphony in the middle of a puddle) (neural spaghetti pervaded by bad intelligent cadet-like spatula-headed sometimes-kind traffic lights)

(after party aftermath a veritable Swiss cheese doomsday) (opium mildness had at the last minute stolen the show) (many zombie parts dragged behind a retreating form)  

(neighbor explaining things to angelic bacteria) (fondling their shady weight) (followed by boring exegeses on librarian morality...) 

(moss tailoring dreams up green fluffy inflatable sex toys prancing around trees sporting afro omelets of chipmunk throw-up)

(female corpse sitting on old tree’s gnarly grandfatherly root) (the price of retrieving the hype from the Deathstar vault) (homemade homely toaster oven boob job) (the creak of medieval webcam hinges)

(the interesting ways hemorrhoids can be grafted on ice) (it was the dead of winter) (capital punishment’s eccentric mascot) (the influence behind flared trousers) (thru the cleanest lens ejaculation mistaken for a prank) (gringo foam at gunpoint)

(board games) (bone-rattling munchies) (supine bacon puzzles) (hahahahaha!) (“writing in tentative lowercase to the caps lock strangler”) 

(fugitive insights) (dominatrix multi-tasking on the flaming roaring bouncing makeup chair) (becoming one with everything thru mastery of multi-tasking) (a voice that traveled in all directions like a fan disintegrating) (the end of causation is at hand – as soon as I learn to do everything at the same time with the same skill and focus and love that I can fix this toaster in my lap”)

(all artists construction workers doctors teachers street sweepers pimps trapeze artists advertising executives bellboys cabbies astronauts bloggers wigmakers suitors deadbeats idle nosepickers saints perverts look askance at appliance) (toast has no warranty)

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