Sunday, January 23, 2011


after this treatment, you can ask me anything backwards
the odds are good, backwards must apply to someone
so while it’s obvious everything can be repaired, everything is still broken
Ferris Bueller action figures can not be repaired
everything can be visualized backwards
visualizing the toothless McDonalds
visualizing the George Clooney hockey bra
and you can smoke everything
cigarettes are laryngeal mittens
and everything is a terrible idea
an execution televised backwards makes everything living a bad idea
a unicorn is a terrible idea
Sunday Blues is a terrible idea
exploration of the contraption of everybody’s contraption 
exploration of the bowling alley’s smooth wooden serviette unfurling its vacuum suction pinecone-hurling
exploration of the contraption of my language’s testicles
Mandarin’s WWF contraption
exploration’s onslaught tricking subject of exploration into inelegance
gang rape dressing room isolated from reality
the Babylonian side of the earring isolated from reality
that which is hard to visualize’s terrible isolation from reality
that which is expensive to repair’s isolation from reality 
sputnik low-hanging banana pants open sore’s isolation from reality 
pickup truck’s bad anatomy’s isolation from reality

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