Saturday, December 11, 2010


The prince was found dead surrounded by a fascinating but frightening assembly of petshop merch, seeds mostly but here and there a snake hook and a gigantic fish net lay crammed violently in the mud. Instruments of the paranoid and obsessive pet owner. Life at the palace had become unendurable – the complete alienation of the palace ducks was incredibly hard to take. He realized that the ducks weren’t seeing him with loving fondness or even understanding anymore and the way he came to realize this was both tragic and entertaining: on Broadway, a Klingon ship was revealed to the audience, of which the prince was a part, to be a green scrawny chest floating in space. This was what you got when you did a nubbin by nubbin breakdown of the chest cloaking your pet’s appreciation of your love. You came up empty-handed and aghast. Artificial thunder struck a mirror lying flat on the stage – an impressive display of trapped energy roiling submissively in a reflective surface on behalf of Klingon vanity, but it brought all eyes on the prince, who wished only to be seen by his ducks.

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