Monday, December 13, 2010


drunken manipulation by carnie of plush toy grapnel
high up twiddling legs like palsied squid
acrobat suddenly develops huge hungry eye
hard not to lose balance drooling over
safety net dragged in from carnival:

carrion harvest

‘come in and explore my tent –
i shall please you with neon lunch’
a spookiness to murder-leftover formation, something
even more off-putting in mcnugget hemorrhage

quick panicked breaths hinging on central
empty lung of firmly gripped


anybody hear the horrible squelch yet?
no, the mime has not yet absorbed his mask

princess leia’s first day as daycare nurse represents
biggest failure in popular culture since my best
friend’s latest miserable defeat as proxy groom
‘you are the worst proxy groom in the history of
proxy grooms, Harry,’ pointing at him

a cuticle-mad

finger ‘ghetto extraordinaire though you may be, no
groom which unfortunately won’t be able make it
to his wedding on account of business or untimely
disease or whatever will ever hire a

clown like you

again’ dweller of the lost, door-less room – foot-deep
in a cathartic daze, alone with dvd box set unveiled
by darkness the instant whom we shall know
merely as ‘older cousin freddy’ abandoned

it ‘down your chernobyl gullet,’ three-eyed tailless
mermaid says to chorus of filthy gawkers, pouring
green gummy liquid

down throat

everyman batteries run low faster than clone
batteries all clones therefore beginning to look
quite ordinary ‘ultra fast and ultra flappy – not
to mention comfortably

padded and reinforced,’ 

market crier described through bullhorn fishtail
prosthesis twitching in cage

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