Tuesday, December 28, 2010


navigated the interstices of optimism
found the fully-functional elephant
playing a flute, meaning you’re special
even though you read and got infected
by the bubonic email, and you thought
it best to boycott the wizard newspaper
when really –

this totally smashes everything with nothing
but glass may get healthier
shatters near the beginning
but on the other side, crystal
clear: the diorama of hanged toy
soldiers, vintage corn flakes
terminator plastercast
ceremonious adoption of remote lost crystals

propaganda dust devil worried by boots in
the warehouse where once was parked
a logic never before used by humanity
except in a japanese remake famous for
delaying the craziest but ultimately
most profound halftime show in existence,
with slippers that immobilized
the brawniest gait, with tusk glue
that doomed the elephant’s wrinkly grin

oh the intolerable austerity of the high definition
ice rink, the cold sense of the dough sniffing white
nose of the oven, the average cheerleader outfit 
cast in the form of a nesting doll, the lifespan of
boredom on 4chan augmented virtually the same way,
how to challenge the motivation for that ultimately
important connection, landings between floors,
concussions between minds

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