Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pain Storage

never been so emotional about an old computer 
blue within, counseling superconductor

wheel of fortune offers more lamp
the wounded decided to show up bowled in glitter

ripped buttons and rivulet ribs are important to all
i think you got it wrong, renaming your brain rc cola

exhaust sudoku with mantis springload 
all your interruptions have exactly that movement

what navel flint can you make with a shoehorn?
wearing a sundress intensely public

acorns landing on our helmets
believe in aliens at any moment with the power of our new red

cranial eggs
start playing, neckties returning with your stolen throttle 

the act of swallowing is messing with my maple syrup
getting ready for my curry trench to burst out

and lie on top of my sweaty warehouse
recumbent scissor got the spiral measure

the treatment of twisty
got drunk during the bagel’s important retrospective

the bridge of my nose refused to dismiss reel-to-reel storage
i do not defend veneer nor taiwan

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