Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Rubik's Cube

it looks like a kind of game, the position assumed by the rectangular friend and the samoosa when they mate. sort of like a rubik’s cube but technically impossible to make all the sides align, which is the object of the game. there have been triangular planets spotted from the observation hub in amsterdam. cynics have ascribed this phenomenon to the triangular lenses through which they’ve been looked at. on the opposite side of the galaxy from planet alkd894r84, a rectangular planet has been spotted. a crew from earth flew there to ascertain the finding. they immediately blamed the rectangular lens through which the planet has been spotted – but that didn’t detract from the interesting phenomenon which occurred. if you viewed the triangular planet from earth and the rectangular planet from planet alkd894r84 at the same time, all their sides aligned!

the hybrid plant people from planet alkd894r84 claimed victory of what they called in the voices of leaves growing on vines the ‘contest between earth and planet alkd894r84 of who could crack the samoosa fuck first.’ to get an idea of what the plant people on planet alkd894r84 looked like, picture an art deco pot plant with a poison ivy growing out of it and juggling in its ungainly flagella the head of margaret thatcher. picture such a creature also shedding its leaves every three hours in margaret thatcher’s voice.

picture such a creature also rather poisonous to the touch.

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  1. Apparently this vampire film I just finished watching turned out to have great Rubik's Cube scenes. And Apparently if I were in a vampire-mode, I would solve such cubes effortlessly :]


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