Friday, June 18, 2010

Evil Inventor And His Vegetarian Henchman

here is where almost everything in the world is hypocritical and can’t blush
this amazing tendon can be snatched up at any time and used to bludgeon someone to death
now look for ethical justification and try popping those quantum pimples on its back
walk into the middle of a lawnmower carnage and wipe the blood and slime that hang in the air like a lightning storm no transparent café in sight or backyard party toddling on clear, delicate cups
the tendon goes into the batcave and is gnawed on, alone, this is the evil boss alone but he goes to sleep with a clean conscience: at least
because he’s evil a seasonal gift-buyer and dabbler in fun autopsy (it comes in a box and when you shake it you hear plastic pieces inside and the swish of instruction booklets – perhaps also a mask, a microscope, a killer cyclotron and some kick-ass Tesla coils? 

you’re still a violinist so swing that tendon across the strings we can listen with our steel drum ears and fill with gloomy percussions the silences in your excuse for killing the zombie with a paper weight (magnet murder like a fancy excuse consisting of one large, pure umbrella)
spans across like molecules holding hands below on a pavement catching a baby falling from the tenth floor window no need for steel over eardrums to hear music in the deaf hollows
it crawls across on all fours like red bloody tomato skin chased by a drunk machete

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  1. Get cLOUDDEAD to set this to music, it rocks!


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