Saturday, May 15, 2010

Swamp Thing

I wonder what the creature is doing right now.
Drying its hideous fur (the broom bristles of a taxidermist) on a rock?
‘This method makes your liver hurt, Swamp Thing,
just like the funniest thing you ever
saw caused the lilies to cave in
and they never stopped sleeping all over
your green eyes. And you remember that nasty
kidney infection?

Everyone I know wants to meet the person
who’ll like them forever – but your main relief consists
in bagging the river, tying the bag
with daddy issues and instead
of watching it sink, it dodders there
on the sticky surface and you watch
it watching you: ‘An iceberg.’
Poor analogy, buddy. More like
three heads poking out of a hessian sack – because
your daddy had three heads, and the swamp’s
method of disarmament came with a clever, if dangerous,
twist: the ruling plant life saw that three heads
poking out of a hessian sack and bouncing around
like that was the funniest thing you ever saw…

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