Monday, May 3, 2010

Octopus Ink On The Pavement

it's always been fun feeding pumpkin seeds into your gorgeous nude jaw and then watching your brain kill everything    pumpkin seeds are the poorman's fibrous bullet because we neglect certain diseases like prehistoric fishbowl patterns, which is ok    we'd rather sit curbside scratching our germs in the urban heat like in a vortex of tv-abandoned airwaves, scratch-to-win ringworm tickets    flaking scalps    tell jokes – with our dirty toes squeeze schistosimasis from the bubbling tar    'i ate coke    i poured urine down the gutter    i educated ink    i sat pretty on the evil nubbin carcinoma'    i retraced my steps into the cafeteria across the sooty pavement    i ate rhabdovirus which resembled an evil robot's dick from a crisps packet that also resembled evil space storms    with some degree of trepidation i returned to the arcade game standing there in a black octagonal squat with a smattering of useless tentacles and red half-moon eyes menacing me    i prepared to better my old score

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