Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two Of Each

ambidextrous and at large,
hence you’ve bitten the hand that taught you sorcery
with educational toys.
you unthankful little tit: they were wooden,
painted by a grandfather and cute like trains
with non-moving wheels.
housewives and tool guys smart
on propaganda and technically all
dead now, wiped out by symmetry.
blood reverberations in the Nazi gene pool;
hot commodity thanks to fearless
but pretty uninteresting farming,
kidney but not quite kidney-shaped BBQ pit,
police but not really policey swagger –
beaten to a
pulp by the headless hostile volcano.
Ever seen a volcano with T-Rex arms?
Well, if both my hands were equally deft I’d pause fifteen minutes
before doing anything – my extinction certain,
my frustration predetermined by strangulation
by blank perfection; the bat that didn’t know how to swerve.
Sorcery, hmm…
the worst alpha male
hesitates over a hairy spinal arc with one touch
out-touching the other.
3-D movie’s adenoidal used bullets
perforating a symmetrical cardboard target instead of one
lame-lobed cardboard target.
cardboard handyman: cardboard handyman:
swallow the two clever hammers
at breakfast
for fastest wisdom-release before they reach the altitude
of black silicon,
that sound your belly makes were it not
for the garage punks

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