Saturday, April 24, 2010

Party Island

Sunspot perspiration
in the cannibal’s beard
is glittery. The salt crystals rimming
the Martini glass
are glittery. Dull finger in the glass.
Dull corpse
under the thatch roof with him
sloshing in the Martini glass about
the salt rim at the stir of a finger.

Certain limbs of the skeleton
are part of the witch’s broom.
Hardened by evisceration. Certain
Five Star hotels have rugs softened by evisceration.
It’s a boy: the plague’s stomach
is softened by birth. It’s a parrot.
The stomach is softened by the birth
of the most popular drink
on the party island.

In the grassy shade
of mental problems greater than zero –
raise the geek flag
greater than the greatest banana shot
out of the steam cannon.
The greatest sight are
the breasts on my ornithopter girlfriend
the USB stick in my suitcase.

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